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Starting May, 3rd, 2021,
the Tourist Office of Conques welcomes you again
everyday, from Monday to Sunday, from 9:30-12:30 & 14:00-18:30

The Treasure and the Museum will re-open on May, 19.

The Night Show of Conques will resume on June 9 (curfew at 11pm).

email :

05 65 72 85 00 (Office of Conques) - 05 65 71 13 18 (office of Marcillac)

Thank you for your understanding.

night show - Lights and Polychromy on the Tympanum


(sanitary measures) - Programming starting on June 9, 2021 (due to curfew at 23:00)

  • 21:00: Presentation of the tympanum by friar Jean-Daniel (in French) or at 18:30 during the Music Festival
  • 21:30: Night tour of the upper-gallery of the church in music: Discovery of the Romanesque capitals, the glass windows by Pierre Soulages under the light and pipe-organ show (Fee: 6€, access for public older than 12 years old). Except during major concerts of the Summer Music Festival
  • 22:15: Polychromy of the Tympanum - By night, the progressive revealing of the colours offer a revisited reading of the 12th century tympanum and its 124 sculpted figures. Composing the Last Judgment and depicting the celestial Court, the angels, the elected, the condemned and other devils come to life.


Following the experience of the « Great Sites in Midi-Pyrenees », the new region Occitanie unveiled the first list of touristic sites on the eve to become "Great Sites of Occitanie".
Conques belongs to the first round. To be admitted, the nominees must present a development strategy for their territory, while elaborating a transversal strategic project for 5 years, counting with the influence of this same territory, a guardian of stable activities and attractiveness.
The main objective of the process is to answer the travellers’ new concerns based on rich, unique and unusual experiences that give sense to their journey.