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Line 223 - Rodez-Marcillac-Conques (Bus Conques - Rodez : from April 1st to October 31, every day)

  • Bus stop in Rodez : Train & Bus station
  • Bus stop in Conques : Parking de l'Étoile

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Rodez-Aveyron Airport > 

Blagnac-Toulouse Airport > 


At the airport Rodez-Aveyron : car-rental-taxis >

Alpha Location : 05 65 63 50 05 or 06 73 17 34 85 or >

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Rodez-Aveyron Airport >                                                 At the airport Rodez-Aveyron : car-rental-taxis >

Blagnac-Toulouse Airport >                                            Alpha Location : 05 65 63 50 05 or 06 73 17 34 85 or >

Contact SNCF 

The closest train stations from Conques are Rodez (38km) and St-Christophe (23km) (on Rodez-Paris train line)

From the train stations to Conques

  • Bus line (From April 1 to October 31, every day Rodez-Conques) from Rodez train station: line 223
  • Shuttle service certains days at given hours from St-Christophe train station or Rodez center:


Transports Lample CONQUES

Transport all destinations (previous booking required)

Tel. 04 71 49 95 55 or 06 07 75 93 32 or transports-lample-conques


Tel.06 45 98 17 44 ou

Taxi de Clairvaux

Tel: 06 83 50 33 98

Transport on request Chart

PARKING IN conques

Parking "de la Salesse" (215 lots)

The car parking system is automatic (credit card or cash). 

Special regulation:

  • Persons with physical disability (free with presentation of Disability card): designated lots near the town hall and 3 lots at the parking “la Salesse” (east entrance of Conques, up-town). Accessible washroom near the town hall and parking lot. People with disability may be driven close to the church by the main street.
  • Camping-cars: Fee applied. 5 designated lots at the bottom part of the parking “La Salesse” (east entrance of Conques, up-town). Not allowed in summer, the camping cars must park at the parking de La Rivière (2km + shuttle service during the day)
  • Motorbikes: Free. Parking in front of the town-hall, along the trees.
  • Tourism Bus/Coach: drop and pick-up zone at the parking “L’Etoile” (west entrance of  Conques - 15 minutes allowed parking time) then parking at La Rivière, at 2 km, on the road towards Rodez (free). Shuttle service in summer
  • Long stay parking (pilgrims’ vehicles): Compulsory parking at La Rivière, on the road towards Rodez (free) – 2km from downtown, 1km from GR65.


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A precision: Saint-Christophe train station has from April to October a daily shuttle service to reach the village of Conques (on previous reservation).

Information: transports-lample-conques > or >



Soon, Rezo-Pouce will implement an organized hitch-hiking service on the destination Conques Marcillac. What is the concept? The hitch-hiker holding a sign board stands under a Rezo-Pouce road sign and waits for a willing driver to bring him to his destination. For safety reason, they are both registered on the database of Rezo-Pouce.